Sabir & Svetlana Ghadziev Biography

Sabir and Svetlana are a married couple who also produce art together.  Sabir Gadgiev was born in 1967 in Kiev, Ukraine while Svetlana was born in 1963 in Chelyabinsk, Russia.  They were students together at the Repin Fine Art Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia from which they graduated in 1993.

Sabir and Svetlana are unusual as artists since they work together on each painting that they produce.  They share a common artistic vision so that it is not possible to identify who has done what in any paintings or who has been the primary inspiration.  They are totally integrated and seamless in their approach, submerging their individual identities in a unique creative fusion.

In their work they explore unexpected combinations of oil and watercolour techniques as they build up complex layers of paint and other materials to create vivid, highly structured paintings.  Now living in America, their work has been successfully exhibited in galleries in  Latvia, Poland, England and the USA.