60 years of keeping art in the family

We have much to celebrate! It was 1961 when a young, glamorous couple - Audrey and John, opened a Gallery in Chatham. Showing the finest fine art prints and originals from names such as Sir William Russel Flint, Roland Batchelor and Rowland Hilder, they quickly established a reputation for offering quality work. A move to Rochester (and the premises that the Gallery still occupies at Rutland House, 103 High Street) continued those standards. 

Audrey and John expanded the business into other areas - offering art materials, craft, cards, gifts and yarn, and over the subsequent years their daughters - Alayne, Nettie and Lucy joined them in running the business - each finding a speciality in which to flourish.

Now, 60 years on, we have the next generation involved in the business - cousins Libby and Patrick who have created the most wonderful addition to Rochester High Street. Store 104 is an independent book shop also selling creative yarns and showing work by Medway artists. They are also providing space for creative events and artist’s studios on the upper floors and an artisan café at the back – the building is buzzing as it should.

What we show in the Gallery is eclectic and varied, but everything we select has one defining aspect - our artist’s ability to bring quality and joy to our client’s walls. We believe passionately that our customers should feel welcomed and warmed whenever they come in, and we pride ourselves on the excellent service and advice we provide. We hope that our 60 years in business and combined experience of over 100 years is testimony to this.

We are proud to have maintained our parent’s legacy. By helping you create your own legacies with the beautiful artwork you buy, well, it’s an enduring pleasure.