Nolvenn Le Goff Biography

Nolvenn grew up in Mexico and spent her childhood immersed in Mayan culture. She has been fascinated by paper since childhood, and over the years has perfected an art form which demands a huge amount of time, patience and skill and precision. her pieces can take up to 200 hours to make. For Nolvenn the aim of her work is to embody the beauty of Sacred Geometry which can be found throughout nature and the cosmos, both in macro scale and repeated in everything around us.

In 2014 she founded Talent Lab - a gallery and studio space in Barcelona, and in 2020 she embraced a new challenge by moving to France where she set up a new studio and artistic community. Nolvenn aspires to show that another way of living is possible - one that is in harmony with the natural world, and she aims to inspire positive change through her art which she believes can touch the soul.