Natalya Sultanova Biography

Natalya was born in 1976 in the Urals where she attended Art School. 
For 3 years she worked in a stained glass workshop, learning to paint on glass, making glass for restoration projects as well as creating original pieces.  During this time she began to paint in oils professionally, her work being influenced always by the bright colours of her remembered home landscapes and her glasswork.  The Urals is an area of outstanding scenic beauty, as well as containing sparkling minerals such as emeralds and malachite.

She loves the work of Gauguin and the Impressionists and wants her work to bring light and cheerfulness to the viewer. She travels widely and, while she uses her memories for inspiration, she wants her paintings to create a new world with its own sense of space, rather than be a direct reflection of what she sees.
She has taken part in exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Britain and France and her work is in private collections in France, Italy, China, Britain and the USA.