Andrei Smirnov Biography

Andrei graduated from Theatre School and then went on to study Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.   His work has a strong sense of the theatrical running through it with his love of gilding and colour, as well as his love of flying which can be seen in the aerodynamic forms used in his work.  Andrei's other great passion is flying remote control aeroplanes.  He says:
"In nature, it is not the strongest that survives, but the one who knows how to be friends with her. This is how an artist, a pilot, and a creator of aircraft models should be. The sky is like a canvas, an airplane writes a trajectory on it, like an artist - a line with his brush ... The girl in the paintings is me, if I were a woman in another life. Or my great-grandmother when she was young. I am not a museum artist, I am not interested in society. I am interested in the transcendent, timeless beauty that shines through in a beautiful woman, in a landscape, in flowers."