Alexei Kvaratskheliya Biography

Alexei was born in Georgia in 1946.  In 1967 he completed his training at the art school in Sukhumi, Georgia.  From 1967 – 72 he moved to the capital and was a student at the Georgia Academy of Art in Tbilisi. 
Since 1974 he has had many exhibitions – in Germany, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Israel, Finland, USA and France, and his work is in private collections in all those countries.  
He feels his artistic mentors are Van Gogh and Picasso and the cubist tradition – he is very interested in the form and the colour of the things that he paints. His work is exuberantly coloured, full of the warm light from his southern childhood.  His paintings convey a love of life but are influenced by an oriental wisdom and peace of mind.  So often his figures are gently smiling and they are kind and contemplative.