Quarterly Collection 1 at the Gallery

featuring Luisa Albert, Brian Bennett PPROI and Susan Evans

Now running.


Luisa Albert began her artistic career as an illustrator working with various publishing houses after her degree from the Istituo Europeo di Design in Milan. But, she began to study painting with Ottavio Mazzonis and underwent an art education and apprenticeship that would have been the same centuries ago in Italy – learning fresco, oil and sketching at a master’s elbow; eventually becoming that master herself. The luminosity of her work and the way she applies the fundamental principles of still life in terms of composition is given juxtaposition with the living elements that she incorporates – no longer ‘natura morta’, these pieces remind us that we are living and breathing. An appreciation of their beauty speaks to our elemental nature.


A mentor played a big part in Brian Bennett’s decision to become a painter too – Peter Greenham RA taught him English, but gave him a passion for Art that has sustained him for over 90 years. He still climbs to the top of his favourite hill most days, and his concession to being in his nineties is to now paint smaller pictures, as Brian likes to paint in situ, and large canvases can be problematic in the strong South Western winds that whip across the Chilterns. He paints from experience, and his signature pieces of grasses and views beyond are soaked with years of study, appreciation and a deep love of nature. A past President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and now a Fellow, his stature as one of our foremost landscape painters is recognised.


Susan Evans has a passion for the elements, and from her studio in Brighton she can experience the vast expanses of sea and sky that can change in a light filled instant. The paint sparkles across these canvases, as she works quickly with a cloth and a brush, building up layer upon layer of paint until they shine with an intense depth of colour and drama. Exhorting us to ‘look up’, Susan’s pieces have a serenity and peace to them, and make us feel part of the greater whole. A graduate of Chelsea College of Art, her work is now held in international collections, and her strong ties with America, and California in particular, means her work is in great demand.